Topspin: superb at exceptional control of (sun)light

Topspin® is an innovative solution by Unilux that is optimal in terms of sun blinds for exceptional commercial buildings: from a dome or conservatory to a (curved or barrel-vaulted) skylight or large glass facade. This form of sun blind is suitable for large, tall, wide, curved and complex surfaces and, additionally, is the most eco-friendly solution for light and heat control in the building. Topspin® light- and sun blinds ensure a pleasant climate both in public places and at work or at home.
From sun blinds for your conservatory to a skylight, with Topspin®, the possibilities in the field of light- and sun blinds are endless. Whatever size, shape, colour or application you wish, Unilux provides top-notch custom designs. You can read more about our Topspin® system’s engineering and applications on this website. Would you like more information regarding blinds for your conservatory, (curved or barrel-vaulted) skylight, dome or other project? Feel free to ask us.

Download the English catalogue (PDF)