The most innovative pleated screen door

Unilux and the new pleated screen door

Unilux was the first to introduce the Japanese pleated screen door to Europe in the year 2000. After years of developing and updating the pleated screen door to make it suitable for the european market, in 2012 it was time to completely redevelop the pleated screen door. Dutch design and engineering have resulted in the completely new Plisséfit: the new standard in premium insect screens. Made in Holland, patented by Unilux. 



video 3D animation

video About Unilux and Plisséfit 


Unilux is currently looking for the best exportpartners to to promote the Plisséfit in their region. Please contact us for terms and conditions.


  About Unilux



FittingPlissefit montage

Both the cassette profile and the frame consist of a base section with a reversible corner profile with a mounting side and mohair brush respectively. These profiles are clicked into place on the base profiles depending on the requirements. This means that the mounting side and/or brush can be changed from 'front-fix' against to 'internal fix' inside the clear opening, or vice versa, or a combination of both.


Manual download (PDF)


Video on the clear opening

Video in the clear opening



Plisséfit cuttablePlissefit in het kort

The plisséfit can also be made as a cuttable version. That makes it possible to quickly produce the Plisséfit to any size from stock.



Short Video cuttable

extended Video cuttable



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Plisséfit assemblyAssemblage en inkorten

For export partners it's possible to produce the Plisséfit at your own facility. Assembly of the Plisséfit is up to 75% than that of the old pleated screen door: a big difference!



Video assembly



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